AWBI officer Thimmaraju attacked in Hassan on 25-June-2017

Amidst the rampant motivated hue and cry about Gau Rakshaks operating outside legal boundaries, rarely is the other side of the story shown. This is one such narration from the other side.

In Hassan district of Karnataka, on 25/06/2017, a Gau Rakshak operating in legal boundaries, also a registered AWBI officer, Thimmaraju, was mortally wounded- attacked with iron rods by Hakku Bhai and his gang of terrorists.

Thimmaraju was attempting to save calves from Hakku Bhai’s illegal slaughter house after having filed an FIR under relevant legal provisions.  An order to seal the illegal slaughterhouse had been passed by the DC almost 3 years back. Yet, no action in furtherance of this order was taken by the police or the municipal corporation..for reasons best known. Thimmaraju, single and unarmed, was brutally beaten by 16 armed men, with iron rods in the presence of a ‘helpless’ police constable. While Hakku Bhai has been arrested, the other criminals are still- incomprehensibly so- at large.

This incident brings to fore the police-criminal nexus. The SI made sure that Thimmaraju was left alone with just 1 constable for sometime in the illegal slaughter house to give the terrorist butchers ample time and opportunity to attack.

An unconscious Thimmaraju had to be rushed to Channarayapatna Government Hospital from where he was shifted to Hassan Government Hospital in an unarmed ambulance for treatment. The AWBI officer regained consciousness after several hours.

The illegal slaughter house and illegal meat business mafia, Haiku Bhai, operates with a gang of terrorists in the area openly, picks up the farmers’ cattle and openly threatens people with the force of brawn.

Hakku Bhai is just one of the hundreds of examples of hooliganism at the hands of growing cattle mafia nexus in various parts of the country.   

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